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Choose the most suitable plan for you and fill in the application form.
Print out the application form, the applicant and the credit card owner (for credit card payments only) are required to sign on the form and fax it to us.

Add funds into your account and your account will be activated within 24 hours.

Login into your account and start registering domain name at our low prices !
Partner Level   Platinum Gold Silver Bronze
  Membership Fees FREE FREE FREE FREE
  Prepayment $768 $397.50 $211.25 $89.50
  # of Domains 100 50 25 10
  Domain Pricing Click here to compare the price with the rest
  .com / .biz $7.68 $7.95 $8.45 $8.95
  .net $7.18 $7.45 $7.95 $8.45
  .org/.info $7.49 $7.79 $8.29 $8.79
  .us $8.50 $8.50 $8.50 $8.50
Notes :

1. All prices in US Dollars ($). gTLD = Generic Top Level Domain.

2. We have four different memberships, namely;

Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum

with four different set of prices. Your membership will be based on the total amount of fund deposited into your account, including both used and unused funds. You are given the flexibility to upgrade your account anytime by adding funds into your account so as to enjoy better prices.


If you sign up fresh today as a Reseller and send in a deposit of $89.50, you will become our Bronze member and qualify for the $8.95 per year pricing. Later, should you use up the $89.50 and add another $700 into your account, the total amount of funds deposited will be

$89.50(used) + $700(unused) = $789.50.

At that very moment, our system will automatically upgrade your membership to Platinum member and lower your price to the Platinum price of from $7.18 per year pricing. This pricing change will apply to all Services purchased from this moment on which also includes renewals. The new pricing will NOT apply to services that was purchased prior to the membership level upgrade.

Alternatively, if at the time of starting with us you wish to become our Platinum member and enjoy pricing for .com/.net/.org domains from $7.18 per Year, you only need to make an initial prepayment of just $768.

3. All funds deposited into your account will never expire, which means that you may utilize it over the period of several years.

The Registrant Rights and Responsibilities Document
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