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6 Great Reasons to Choose as your Preferred Domain Name Registrar !

1) Lowest Cost offers low-priced domain names at low volumes, other registrar charges significantly more than or may require a high volume commitment. makes this possible by operating without the high advertising expense and luxury office decoration. We save every dollar and pass this savings directly to our customers, enabling us to provide you with the lowest domain registration price compared with other registrars, click here to see how competitive our domain registration prices really are !

2) Powerful Management Tools

Innovative, powerful and easy-to-use are well-known for domains management tools. With it, you may transfer, renew, modify, secure and manage your domains names easily.

3) Free Value-added Services provides many Value Added Services FREE unlike many other registrars that charges up to several dollars per domain for its Value Added Services.

4) Superior Support provides friendly, 24X7 customer support via Real time Chatroom and E-mail. and it's sister companies has been known for its outstanding reputation for providing top-notch support on the internet. Professional & well-trained support staff are always available online at your convenience !

5) No conflict of Interest specializes in the wholesale domain name business and does not sell domain names directly to end-users. Some registrars will contact your customers directly and might try to sell services directly to your customers, which will cause you loss of sales in the long run. does not do this therefore protecting your business and ensures your continued success and profitability.

6) Massive Experience in the Industry

The parent company of ISRegistrar has been providing domain name registration services to it's resellers globally since 1998. We deeply understand the needs of our resellers. You will have access to the most flexible reseller program and lowest reseller pricing at low volumes to maximise your business cash flow and profits. There is simply no better offer. ISRegistrar is your preferred registrar. Get Started Today !

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